WTF Is That?!: The Truth Behind Thomas The Tank Engine

August 1, 2014


This is truth behind Thomas the Tank Engine as imagined by illustrator Yui Abe. Apparently Thomas is really a naked dude with his face poking out the front and his ass in the air. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? "I wish I hadn't seen that?" Choo choo!

Thanks to lilco, who's always dreamed of traveling the rails sitting on the back of a caboose, watching the countryside roll by. Same, but in my dream I'm a crazed hobo.

  • Today I learned Thomas the train is pulling a line of human centipedes.

  • Xankar

    It's like an Evangelion!

  • MustacheHam


  • Darren McCoy

    I wonder where they're shovelling the coal ;)

  • Hal Jordan

    Loos like a design for a Thomas costume.

  • captain kringle

    I am into this

  • no, the wagon behind him, ramming in his back, is

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    I saw something on these lines, luckly the train in the front was female.

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