WTF Is That?: The Latest Weird Japanese Face Exerciser

August 7, 2014


What the -- are you blowing a seagull?!

This is the $135 Facial Fitness Pao from Japan. It allegedly firms and tightens your face. I've got the feeling it doesn't work that well. Plus for some reason famed Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is the spokesperson. Pfft, like that dreamboat needs any face exercising! You know, I often daydream about being a hunk. Then I wake up and look in the mirror and just cry, cry, cry. Lately I've even been kicking around the idea of getting plastic surgery. "Nose job?" BOOBS.

Keep going for the whole bird-in-your-mouth commercial.

Thanks to PYY, who agrees the best face exercise is laughter. AAHHAHAHAHA, KILL ME.

  • Yesterdays Hero

    'The Latest'? Is it? You sure?

    3:30 in. Video is from 2008. Get with the times, Geekologie.

  • I see Ronaldo never put it in his mouth

  • Kg3

    Maybe helps those facial muscles but I'm sure this leads to early dentures!

  • WhiteEagle2

    Did anyone else find themselves thinking how stupid this was, but then realized that they were shaking their head in tune with the commercial.

  • Bunni

    I believe it.

  • zin


  • MustacheHam

    :| nope

  • captain kringle

    I'm flying Jack!

  • Leftwinged_Bandit

    "We have many dreams"

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