When Jeff Goldblum Attends Your Wedding, This Happens

August 5, 2014


Note: Larger, Goldblumier shot HERE.

This is a wedding shot from photographer Adam Biesenthal featuring Pamela and Jesse Sargent's wedding party running for their lives from a t-rex. Oh, and Jeff Goldblum is in there. Apparently his fiance is a friend of the bride. You think anybody cool will show up at my wedding? They better not steal my limelight. That is MY day. "I bet your bride doesn't even show." Wow, you're a jerk. Probably right, but a jerk. *squeezing man-tits* Who would want to marry this ol' hunk of junk anyways? "Cheer up, GW. Besides, beauty is on the inside." Awwww, you mean it? "Well it CAN be, but in your case the inside looks like shit too." Damn, I need a hug...OF DEATH.

Hit the jump for a closeup of Dr. Ian Malcolm.


thanks to chichi, who agrees the most important person to have at your wedding is the person who yells something when the pastor says speak now or forever hold your peace. Those people make weddings MEMORABLE.

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