What The?: Army Of Pikachus Prepare For Battle In Japan

August 15, 2014


This is a short video from Japan of an army of Pikachus preparing for battle in Akarenga Park, Yokohama. You think they're going to battle one of those Kaiju from Pacific Rim? Because I'd suggest recruiting some Charizards and Blastoises while you're at it. You gotta diversify your attack types, you know? What if these kaiju are immune to electric attacks and all we've got between them and us is a shit-ton of Pikachus? We're f***ed. What? I like to spend time thinking about these things. Mostly to avoid having to think about real life.

Keep going for a couple videos of the Pikachus assembling.

Thanks to yej, who agrees a whole bunch of Pikachus is worthless against a kaiju with a bag full of Pokeballs.

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