The End Nears: Self-Assembling Origami Robots

August 9, 2014


Scientits (not changing it) have developed origami robots capable of autonomously self assembling and roaming around. God willing, these scientits will be the first to be enslaved by our new robotic overlords. Me? They're not taking me alive. Who wants to drink the Kool-Aid with me?! Anybody? What if I told you it was Sunny-D?

Footage from the researchers' laboratory shows a sheet of paper and plastic mounted with batteries and motors that folds itself into a working machine without human intervention and then scuttles out of shot.

The flat-pack robot uses "shape memory polymers" that contract like muscles when they are heated. The robot takes about four minutes to assemble from scratch and can walk at a speed of around 5cm per second.

...the robot could pave the wave for flat-packed machines for use in space or in hazardous environments on Earth where they can be put into confined spaces and left to assemble themselves.

I vote everyone involved with the project gets a free self-assembling robot jammed up their keister. Maybe a little Transformer roaming around your colon will finally put the reality of a robot apocalypse into perspective. "YOU WERE RIGHT, GW, PLEASE -- JUST GET IT OUT." Haha, no can do -- it'll let itself out once it reaches maturity. "What do you mean?" Well, remember that chestburster scene in aliens?

Keep going for a video of the transforming and scuttling out in action.

Thanks to John Connor (nice!), AliceinEndor, Dan, rainbowsaurus, el Deco, (No Sender), danimalpharm, Thaylor H and Jamie M, who agree

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