That Prancersize Lady Is Back, This Time With A Gentleman Friend (And His Galloping Package)

August 12, 2014


Remember Joanna Rohrback, the extremely camel-toed inventor of Prancersize? Of course you do, there isn't a single person with internet access who hasn't closed their eyes and seen that spandex'd vagina staring back at them at some point. *bad shivers* Well now Joanna is back with another video, this time with a GENTLEMAN FRIEND. And that friend just so happens to have a giant zebra print penis flapping around like a penguin trying to take off.

This video goes a step beyond my original video " Official Prancercise: A Fitness Workout" exploring the potential of getting fit along with a preferred partner; in a preferred environment; and even alongside preferred animals. A feeling of liberation from the boring and overbearing typical fitness scene ( usually even lacking in self-expression), can be experienced right here in "Official PrancerciseĀ®Fitness with Passion." Free your mind from the usual grind!

On a scale from 1 to 10, how many people do you think will wind up pleasuring themselves to this video? And will those people be male or female or -- OR -- horses? You know what I'm talking about, Mister Ed! "COME BACK LATER, MY LITTLE PONY IS ON." Why you dirty dog!

Keep going for the video and free your mind. Decent sized horse-dump at 3:28.

Thanks to Barb, who developed her own exercise routine based on fish. It's called swimming.

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