Tasering 'Scarecrow' Robot Designed To Deter Bears

August 12, 2014


This is the terrifying scarecrow (technically a scarebear) robot built by a Turkish farmer to keep bears from destroying his crops. The robot makes car alarm sounds (presumably because it's half car alarm) and has a 25,000-volt taser in one hand which it wildly swings around, zapping anything it touches. If you can imagine from the quality of the build, it can't actually differentiate between a bear and anything else, so it will more than happily shock you in the face. Obviously, it should be illegal to build autonomous shock-bots. And it probably is. You want to deter bears from eating your crops? Simple -- hang up 'NO TRESPASSING' signs. "Um, GW? Bears can't read." WHAT? Winnie The Pooh -- what does this sign say? "Free honey this way?" You stupid idiot! No wonder Eeyore is so depressed.

Keep going for a video of the thing trying to attack a reporter.

Thanks to Cameron, who scares bears the old fashioned way: screaming 'Boo, I'mma ghost!'

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