Solid Title: Teen Arrested In Rubber Penis Waving Incident

August 28, 2014


18-year old Skyler Connor has been charged with disorderly conduct after waving a rubber dildo out the window of a friend's car while traveling on Route 30 near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (today must be your lucky day, Florida). For reference, you should never wave a rubber dildo at other motorists. It's dangerous. It's right up there with texting. Also, you should never agree to drive a friend who you're aware is in possession of a rubber penis. But if you decide to throw caution into the wind and take them to the mall anyways, the moment that rubber dildo comes out of their bookbag it is your civic duty PULL OVER AND KICK THEM OUT OF THE VEHICLE. You don't even really need to stop, anything below 15MPH is fine. You wanna have fun with a dildo on the road? Try using it to thumb a ride.

Thanks to Brandon, who agrees if you have to wave a sex toy around on the road, at least use something a little less recognizable, like anal beads. What is that kid waving, a toy necklace?

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