So Teensy: The Micro Domino Maze World Record

August 1, 2014


I didn't even know micro dominoes were a real thing. They are though, apparently. And 80x smaller and 100x lighter than regular dominoes. How about that?! I could eat a million of them. This is the world record for the longest micro domino maze. It had to be set up with tweezers. Which, fun fact: is the same tool I use to pluck my eyebrows. "Fascinating." Right? Just consider this the first installment of GW's Fascinating Fridays. Next week, find out which body wash I use in the shower! SPOILER: Gasoline.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Rod, who is determined to set the record for most time spent not trying to set a world record. Haha, you already lost!

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