So Close: Drone Crashes Sneaking Drugs Into Prison

August 4, 2014


So apparently a drone crashed with a payload of drugs, cell phones and cigarettes while attempting to be flown into the maximum security Lee Correctional Institution in Bishopville, South Carolina. No word if a group of LARPers found the wreckage while playing a round of Rescue the Fairy Princess in a nearby forest.

...police say that the drone crashed outside the prison walls before it could make its delivery.

This isn't the first time drones have been used in such an attempt. In March, authorities in Australia said that they intercepted a drone with drug cargo as it approached a prison in Victoria.

Last year, a drone was spotted by a prison officer as it hovered over a jail in Georgia.

When reached for comment about the crash, the mastermind behind the smuggling attempt had this to say, "Oh well, looks like it's back to plan B -- B is for buttholes, by the way."

Thanks to LupusYonderboy, who misses the good ol' days of people flinging drugs over prison walls via catapult.

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