Robot Draws Its Creator's Picture Using His Blood As Ink

August 21, 2014


In things that shouldn't exist news, this is 'Ghost In The Machine,' a robot programmed by artist Ted Lawson to draw a life-size picture of himself using his own blood as ink. Obviously, there are a million things wrong with this. I'm surprised it didn't bleed him dry (which he probably deserved). Also, why the hell are you going to purposefully feed a robot blood? Now they know what it tastes like and probably like it. It's like the first jerk who decided to feed zombies brains. You know what they ate before that? Shit. And not like, they wanna kill you and eat their way through your butthole, they were totally fine picking turds off the floor. Zombies were a lot less scary back then.

Keep going for a video of the portrait in progress. If you're needle squeamish though skip the part from 0:23 - 0:30. I passed out. Or just skip to 1:40 to see the finished product, including a possible penis.

Thanks to Jess, who agrees there has to be something police can charge this man with, even if it's just self endangerment.

  • Ui Neil Sandys

    I hate any blood draws. But if you are going to draw blood, at least it still resembles who you are when it has been taken from you. ~ Signed squeamish and impressed. I'll use a blood bag to make sure i never give more than a pint. You really scared me dude. But after seeing the brush marker i realized you might live through, so a wonderful idea as long as you aren't going to die from it, measure it out in advance next time.

  • Tz

    Truth: Printer Ink is more expensive than human blood

  • disqus_z2C8rFghV7

    La La La "Let me take a Selfie" , "does this blood make me look fat?"

  • Looks like a "Dave"

    I'm just gonna say, "Ick!" then move on with my life.
    But, I think if that was displayed in a public place someone could claim that since it's human blood it's a biohazard, and then the health department would send Hazmat agents dressed in moon suits to take that thing to an incinerator. (just sayin')

  • there was so much potential in this project ;-;

  • TheQiwiMan

    Seems like an awful lot of work just so he can show people his ding dong...

  • The_Wretched

    In 100 years someone will claim that the person imaged is jesus.

  • Louis Cayle McKernan

    I design things in cad software and print them out using a 3d printer.... Some practical designs others are artistic. Art is a forum of expression. Welcome to the digital age, new tools of expression.... Still art.

  • Bigmek

    Sorry, but it's a selfie. If a selfie constitutes as art, every teenager should get a liberal arts schoolarship

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    A large percentage of arts greatest masterworks are selfies by that definition. Its the method and materials that make the difference.

  • Bigmek

    Care to name some examples? Most masterworks that are also self portraits, are meticulously arranged and have very often a hidden meaning.
    A selfie on the other hand is just a trivial picture with of a the person, at a specific time without any meaning beside manic megalomania and narcissism.

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    Hence why this one is far from that. He built a machine to print an image of him using his own blood. Basically it looks like this was very carefully planned and arranged and that his meaning is making a self portrait that is him in more than just image. I think that fits your description pretty well. I know it's not the same level as a Van Gogh but that doesn't really make it the same as some dude taking a pic with a mate in a pub.

  • Bigmek

    I am not arguing that the method isn't elaborate, but the picture is poorly chosen and of no significance. What bothers me the most is the level of self delusional narcissism involved here.

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    I don't see why you are so sure it's meaningless, it's not subtle, but it doesn't need to be good art to count as art. Either way, still far from being a selfie.

  • Bigmek

    Meaningless is the wrong word. A punk who scribbles a few dicks into a library book obviously didin't leave something that is void of any meaning. It just lacks serious substance. This project is neither a comment on a subject, an expression of a viewpoint/experience nor any other form of communication. If something as this is considered art, then I am a professional performance artist. I perform a ritual everyday where I try to find 2 matching pairs of socks at 7:30 am, while balancing a cup of coffee in my other hand.

  • Luka Mlinar

    Saddam Hussein had a Qur'an written using his blood. Just sayin'

  • YourMom

    Use a pen, Sideshow Bob.

  • Sebastien Michael Mansfield

    Nice penis.

  • Micheal Reeve

    If the final product is a nude picture of him, done in his own blood, there are levels of narcissism that crosses into levels that should have him dealt with.

  • DeathBotGamma

    I've seen Artwork that's done in blood and some of its beautiful. This is someone who used a program to do the work.

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