Quality Time: Reading On The Crapper, An Infographic

August 6, 2014


Note: This isn't the whole graphic, hit the jump to see the whole thing. Bonus points for reading it on the can.

This is an infographic about reading on the shitter. I find it hard to believe only 75% of Americans have used their cell phone in the bathroom. Apparently 25% of Americans are f***ing liars. 30 minutes is the average time spent in the bathroom? That is not enough. Between crying in the shower and near constant diarrhea I am in there at LEAST three hours a day. I like how the top choice for reading material for males is "erotic magazines". Because, dammit, that was a solid dump and you deserve a boner. Also, please don't ever answer a call when you're on the can. That's disrespectful. UNLESS it's a telemarketer and you plan on giving them a play-by-play of your bowel movement, in which case go for it.

Hit the jump for the whole thing.


Thanks to Clara, who writes songs in the bathroom. Me too!

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