Priest Receiving Texts From Demon He Failed To Exorcise

August 15, 2014


Seen here looking suspiciously like a sadder, older Hoggle from Labyrinth, Polish priest Marian Rajchel claims he's started receiving text messages from the demon he failed to exorcise from a young woman. No word if the demon is just taking advantage of Marian's pay-per-text plan.

Father Rajchel claims that the devil and his followers were not shy about using modern technology but that in many cases their actions were not identified as being the work of evil.

'Often the owners of mobile phones are not even aware that they are being used like this. However, in this case it is clear.'

One of the text messages, the Austrian Times reported, read: 'She will not come out of this hell. She's mine. Anyone who prays for her will die.'

He replied, and was then sent another message in return: 'Shut up, preacher. You cannot save yourself. Idiot. You pathetic old preacher.'

Anybody who prays for her will die? Everybody dies, demon. Now if you had said 'Anybody who prays for her will die IMMEDIATELY.' Now that -- that is a threat I'd be willing to test. What is this, a chain letter? Also, is this priest saying that a lot of the nasty text messages I get are actually from people possessed by evil spirits? Because that's a relief, I just thought all my friends were @$$holes. Still, you know what the craziest thing about this whole story is? "We're supposed to believe Polish people can use cell phones?" You said it, not me.

Thanks to Megh, who is convinced it would be kinda cool to have a demon text-pal.

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