Pikachu Samurai Armor (With BONUS Hello Kitty Armor)

August 4, 2014


These are the sets of Pikachu and Hello Kitty samurai armor built by DeviantARTist Andihandro. As far as samurai armor goes, they're not that intimidating looking. Which means they could probably only be worn by the most fearsome samurai. It's like, you don't have to look that scary if everyone already knows you're the biggest badass. Like if Raphael from the ninja turtles comes to kill you wearing a push-up bra and panties. Laugh all you want, but you're still gonna die.

Keep going for a couple more shots of this one, and the Hello Kitty set. Check out Andihandro's DeviantART page for pictorials of the build processes.






Thanks to YouTubeRhydonal, who informed me he has every intention of wearing the Pikachu armour (he's from the UK) to his wedding. And I have every intention of attending that wedding dressed as a flame-breathing Charizard.

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