Ninja: Motorcyclist Crashes Into Back Of Moving Car, Flips, Lands Standing On Roof Of Car

August 20, 2014


This is some (presumably Russian) dashcam footage of exactly what the title says: a speeding motorcyclist crashing into the back of a car and managing to land on his feet on the roof of the vehicle. Now I know I called him a ninja in the title, but in reality ninjas don't crash their f***ing motorcycles into the backs of cars. That is like, the opposite of stealth. Unless he did it on purpose to slip through the sunroof and assassinate the driver, in which case this guy is the baddest ass to ever fail a driving test.

Keep going for the footage.

Thanks to Joe and Terry, either of which could have done the same thing except with two and half flips and landed in a handstand.

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