New Butter Knife Spreads Cold Butter With Ease

August 27, 2014


In what is arguably the best invention since sliced bread, the Butterup Knife (links to Kickstarter where you can order one for around $11) was designed to easily spread cold butter without tearing your bread to shit. It works by grating a stick of butter into smaller, more easily spreadable ribbons. Alternatively, just jam a stick of butter into a Play-Doh Fun Factory and you can extrude any shape butter you want. Speaking of -- when I was a kid I used to sneak leftovers from the dinner table up to my room to run them through my Play-Doh Fun Factory. Mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables, lasagna, hot dogs -- you name it. Fun fact: all food tastes better if it's shaped like a star. I did the experiments to prove it. The least tasty shape? Turds.

Keep going for the Kickstarter video.

Thanks to Benjammin, who, at least in my mind, is wearing a rastacap and banging out a rhythm on a drum on a tropical beach somewhere. That's just what I see.

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