NERD RAGE: So A Guy Spots Neil DeGrasse Tyson Using His Laptop On The Subway...

August 8, 2014


This is the picture taken and tweeted by Twitter user dogboner (I hate those things). It's a shot of Neil DeGrasse Tyson using his laptop on a New York subway. Dogboner thought it would be funny to pretend he doesn't know who Neil DeGrasse Tyson is (links to a whole explanation of the situation written by dogboner on Gawker) and post the pic along with the caption, "Some guy using his laptop on the train like a Dumbass nerd lol." That's when all hell broke loose as folks came out of the woodwork to tell dogboner to die, kill himself and die, kill himself and die then reanimate himself with black magic so he can kill himself and die again, etc. What's your take on the situation? Funny? Not funny? Where did that lady on the left get her purse? I'm only asking because I've decided to adopt your opinion as my own. I'm tired of drawing my own conclusions -- just do my thinking for me. "I think you should go jump into a volcano like dogboner." Believe me, if there was one I could Rollerblade to from my house I would have cannonballed in there a long time ago.

Thanks to JF, who once posted a picture of Daniel Radcliffe on the subway with the caption, "Just saw the guy from Twilight!"

  • zin

    He couldn't have been less subtle about his "ignorance". So I concede that dogboner's post was cool enough. People vs dogboner, people fail.

  • taran420

    Troll, successful.

  • Sabine Hossenfelder > Neil DeGrasse Tyson

    People have a long history of idolizing the wrong individuals.

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    And a long history of thinking everything is a competition...

  • First he is intruding his privacy like a paparazzi then he disses the man- shitstorm earned

  • SebastianBassi

    Can you claim for privacy in NY subway?

  • brodyc

    Nope, at least not according to the supreme court.

  • sure, everyone has the right for his privacy
    photographing someone is an intrusion

  • SebastianBassi

    It is hard to understand the right for privacy in public space.

  • so if someone photographs you on the street without asking,
    how would you feel?

  • SebastianBassi

    in the street I don't have expectations for privacy, so as long as he doesn't use my images for commercial purposes without compensation, I am OK. In fact there are plenty of CCTV cameras en most places now. The law gives me rights for compensatio is my image is being used so I request for that, but other (non comercial) uses are allowed.

  • Jeff Cook

    His mistake is that he didn't #sarcasm his post

  • Forceton Banfodder

    If dumb people need to be told its sarcasm, it kind of ruins the joke.

  • Forceton Wooffodder

    Bark bark

  • brodyc

    Sweet avi.

  • Prosy

    Wasn't a mistake... seems like he got his 5.

  • adffdas

    i like how everybody hates this guy lol. HE IS NEAL DEGRASSE AND U SULD DIEDIEDIE!!!!!ONE

    so fuckin wat. even if he didn't know why hate the guy?

  • Guest

    Nothing worse than morons who don't think they're morons. If you're so clever THEN WHY DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND THE INTERNETS?

  • JJtoob

    I think sometimes it is wise to feign ignorance, but this is not one of those times. You can't do that kind of thing and not at the end of your original tweet some sort of "j/k" and expect people to think you were in fact just kidding. Now everyone thinks this guy is the biggest ignorant jerk and I don't know if he has any of proving he knew who he was taking a picture of.

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    Probably that was a troll account.

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