Muppet Clip Cleverly Edited To Perform The Beastie Boys' So What'cha Want

August 12, 2014


This is a clip of The Swedish Chef, Beaker and Animal edited to look like they're performing The Beastie Boys' iconic 'So What'cha Want'. It is a thing of beauty. Like the bare breasts of a Renaissance sculpture, but with way fewer 'NO TOUCHING' signs required to keep people like me from trying to get their picture taken dangling from them.

Hit the jump for the video as well as the Beasties Boys original complete with sick special effects.

Thanks to JIMX, who agrees Animal makes a perfect Muppet Beastie Boy.

  • godsized

    Just great. That is just simply great

  • Benny

    Beaker as MCA is the shiznit!

  • Joel Salazar

    It was nice, but lets hope the Beastie Boys dont ban it

  • Katrin-Nicole Bechhofer

    Well.... in Germany it is forbidden to watch those videos. Even if I try to proxy my way around the restriction, it doesn't work.

  • Zed68

    If you can't see it directly, just download it ;) ;)

  • bei mir in √∂sterreich funktionierts

  • the antagonist

    Almost as good as Bert and Ernie's rap game:

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