Mesmerizing: Vapor Clouds Dancing To Music Beats

August 11, 2014


This is a video of a guy blowing vapor clouds in his car and watching the clouds dance to the beat of the song playing. I kind of liked that song. Thankfully, they included the name of it on the Youtube page (Cashmere by Hucci). That was very nice of them. A lot of times you have to ask, then other Youtube commenters come in and call you names and tell you that you should probably just kill yourself. That's why we can't have nice things. "No, you can't have nice things because you're poor." Whatever, I could rob a bank if I wanted, I have masks.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to me, for being inspired to install a nicer stereo system in my car. Or any stereo system for that matter. The boombox I've been using eats D-batteries like candy.

  • JJtoob

    Imagine what's going on in his ear drums (unless he's wearing ear protection). Will be legally deaf in a couple more years lol.

  • DrZanz

    If your system costs more than your car you're doing it wrong.

  • JJtoob

    Just different priorities from yours, but not necessarily wrong.

  • Is that.... Rhino Liner?

  • Rick PepperJack Haertle

    I've noticed this happening to me before. I was driving along and started seeing the vapor reverberate.

  • herpa

    aint no fuckin way that's THC vapour either. if it is..that vape is on WAY to high and causing combustion within the which case he'd be smoking more than vaping.

  • JJtoob

    We may never know, will we?

  • cabbo

    Vaping with Twisted 420 has returned! Or arrived, or something. Good guy.

  • Ben K Vincent

    Oh, BTW his handle is Twisted 420 but his vaping reviews are only "nicotine" related,

  • Ben K Vincent

    That's my BOY Twisted420! He does car stereos and Vaping reviews. He is probably vaping 0% nicotine and only doing the video for YOU.

  • Prosy

    Or he's doing it for fame/money/general attention like everyone else.

  • nanCY

    Look at that steering wheel. I have a feeling the stereo is worth more than the car!!

  • BigKasT

    It's actually Cashmere by Hucci. You should probably just go kill yourself tho.

  • quit the coffein pills in your yoghurt, GW, we nailed ya!

  • dang, not only the volume is high

  • Kaywalsk

    That's an e-cig vaporizer, not an herbal vaporizer.

    I doubt there's any nicotine in it though, if there was nic in there, his lungs would commit suicide. Well, mine would have, anyway.

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