Map Of Most Torrented Shows, Games & Movies By State

August 14, 2014


These are three US map created by the folks at Movoto of the most torrented television shows, games and movies (p0rn excluded) per capita over the last 40 days, according to state. As you can see, Game of Thrones is very popular. Also, apparently some people download The Big Bang Theory. Most of the other shows I'm not familiar with. I don't really watch a lot of TV because my parents won't let me. I used to, but they say it was turning my brain to mush, which is funny because I've been resting my head against the microwave door whenever I've cooked something for the past 20 years. One time I even figured out how to get the microwave to run with the door still open. I DID SO MUCH SCIENCE THAT DAY.

Keep going for the maps of games and movies.



Thanks to lilco, who agrees if you want to stop people from pirating, you need to give a much less romantic name, like nobgoggling. Nobody's gonna want to nobgoggle the latest episode of Mad Men.

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