Man Sets New Deadlift World Record With 1016lb (461kg)

August 13, 2014


Seen here looking like he's about to pop like that guy in Big Trouble In Little China after he finds out his master Lo Pan was killed, strongman Benedikt 'Benni' Magnusson sets a new deadlift world record with 461kg (1016-lbs). That is a lot of weight. Not as much as I could pretend to lift, but I also know a levitation spell. "Levioso?" What? No -- Harry Potter spells are all FICTIONAL. You try casting any of those in a real magic fight and you're a f***ing goner. You know what the Killing Curse does in real life? Makes your enemy's penis twice the size of yours and shoot magic bullets. "Then I'll cast it on myself!" Smart thinking! (You're gonna turn your penis into a chicken)

Keep going for the video, dude gives a solid interview after the performance then runs off to hug his buddy 'The Mountain' from Game of Thrones.

Thanks to Jerm, who could lift twice that provided he had his arms and legs replaced with robot parts.

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