Man Dies After Accidentally Shooting Himself Trying To Take A Gun To The Head Selfie

August 5, 2014


21-year old Oscar Otero Aguilar died after drinking and accidentally shooting himself in the head while taking a selfie with a loaded gun. No word if he got confused and accidentally pulled the trigger instead of snapping the picture.

A follower of the "selfie" craze - in which people pose for photographs they take of themselves - Otero Aguilar frequently posted pictures of himself on social media sites.

Previous snaps on his Facebook site show him posing with alcoholic drinks, cars, motorbikes and a number of attractive women.

[Roommate] Campos Vives, who was arrested at the apartment, told police Mr Otero Aguiar had been playing around with the borrowed gun and decided to take a selfie without realising it was loaded.

Damn, I could have sworn rule one of gun safety is always treat a gun like it's loaded. Listen kids: I don't care how cool you think it might be, your Instagram will survive without a gun to your head pic. That shit ain't some magical secret to gaining followers. Rest in peace, Oscar.

Thanks to dave and Ashraf, who don't even feel comfortable taking Nerf gun to the head selfies.

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