Man And Amazon Customer Service Rep Pretend They're Thor And Odin During Online Help Chat

August 28, 2014


Note: Larger version HERE so you don't have to strain those beady little eyeballs of yours (one of your friends told me you look like a rat).

This is the conversation between Redditor UranusExplorer (hey -- you stay out of there!) and an Amazon customer service rep about a book order. They decide to role-play as Thor and his father, Odin. It reminded me of that Netflix customer service rep that all-starred his performance as well. Those are some quality customer service reps. Me? I always manage to get the one who isn't afraid to hang up or disconnect the chat. Fun fact: when I was in college I actually used to work at a call center for a satellite TV company. One time when I was training I panicked and put a woman on hold for so long she hung up on me. Of course that just so happened to be the call that quality assurance was listening in on. They came and made me sign a 'non-negotiable' form that said if it ever happened again I'd be fired. Then on my lunch break I went out and got high and just never came back. I spent the afternoon in a field eating wild berries. Looking back, that might have been the last good afternoon of my life.

Thanks to n0nentity, cameron, Jenn, Alex Kidd (I used to love that game on Genesis!) and Sarah, who agree quality customer service reps can really turn a frown upside-down. And bad ones? A bad one can make you want to drive to wherever they are and tear their f***ing head off and kick it like a football.

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