LOLWUT?: Bro Gets So Drunk He Makes Out With The Guy Fawkes Mask On The Back Of A Girl's Head

August 14, 2014


This is a shot of a bro (I wish I had his tan) so drunk he's making out with the Guy Fawkes mask on the back of a girl's head. Presumably she told him to close his eyes and kiss her. Or maybe he just thought she was really, really white. With a mustache. Either way you have to admit those masks are sexy. Of course there's also the possibility the dude is in on the gag. Which, if that's the case, I'm curious to know what other kind of kinky shit they get into in the bedroom. My guess is them both wearing masks on every side of their heads so they can turn a twosome into an eightsome. Aww yeah, now lay on your side and let me bang the ninja turtle.

Thanks to lilco, who has never been that drunk before.

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