Lizard Wearing Cowboy Hat Riding Tortoise Like A Horse

August 22, 2014


Because this is the internet and the internet is magic-- "But I though friendship was magic." Friendship is a black magic SPELL. Besides, who said you can't have more than one thing that's magic? My penis is magic. I'm kidding, my penis is a voodoo curse. This is a video of Lizzie the bearded dragon wearing a cowboy hat and riding Rambo the Sulcuta tortoise at the Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary in German Valley, Illinois. Sounds like a fun place. Can you have your birthday there? I want to have my birthday there. "You just had a birthday, there's no way you're living to see another one." Fine, my half birthday then.

Keep going for the brief video of the coolest rodeo in German Valley, Illinois.

Thanks to Lamb, who, Baaaaaah! Could you understand what I just said? You're not a real lamb are you? I wasn't sure.

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