I Demand One: Texas Brewery Offering 99-Packs Of Beer

August 28, 2014


This is the 99-pack of Peacemaker beer available from Austin Beerworks. It's seven feet long, weighs 82-pounds, costs $99, and has 99 beers inside. For reference, that's about a dollar a beer. "No, that's EXACTLY a dollar a beer." OH COOL, YOU'RE GOOD AT MATH, WAY TO BRAG. I do not have a fridge large enough to hold this case. If I need to buy 99 beers at once, I'll do it the way God Intended: in a keg. Have I ever told you I have a kegerator in my bedroom? Well if I did, I was lying. I've only DREAMED of having a kegerator in my bedroom. Plus a lady. Such cool dreams.

Keep going for a video about how the monster case came to be.

Thanks to matthew and Lindby, who took one down, passed it around, 98 cans of beer in the case. 98 cans of beer in the case, 98 cans of beer, take one down, I snatch it and chug it, HAHA, I'm gonna do it to the rest of them too!

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