I Am Into This: Borderlands Inspired Cel-Shaded Jeans

August 13, 2014


This is the pair of Borderlands inspired cel-shaded jeans created from a pair of regular jeans and fabric markers/paint. They make your ass look like it's straight out of Pandora. So, which manufacturer do you think is gonna be the first to actually start producing cel-shaded jeans. Levi's? Lee? Wrangler? Okay, those are actually the only brands of jeans I can think of right now. Lemme see what I'm wearing. *takes pants off, checks back tag* Oh boy. So apparently these are sweatpants and I need to start wiping better or wearing underwear.

Thanks to Scruffy, who agrees Pandora really is the intergalactic fashion mecca.

  • Munihausen

    These look great, and Borderlands 1 was just awesome. +1

  • cockbite

    Yet again this site revolves around reposting shit without giving any credit to creators. These amazing pants were painted by artist Kirameku (https://www.facebook.com/pa...
    Stop being such a fucking jerk and do some fucking research before copying and pasting other peoples' talent.
    You're such a joke of a fucking website.

  • temp name

    Yet again this moron revolves around the idea that he's a know-it-all shit face without giving any thought to the writers of the article.

    This amazing post was originally posted by Kotaku as linked in the article (http://screenburn.kotaku.co... which took it from the Reddit post (http://www.reddit.com/r/pic...

    Stop being such a fucking brainless waste of fat flabby flesh and practice some fucking observational skills before you go ranting about successful websites you could never in your life make.

    You're such a joke of a fucking neanderthal.

  • Suspicious Character

    The Reddit post stole it from the actual artist, who, if you look at her facebook page, was really upset about having her photo stolen without consent or credit. So yeah, there's that.

  • She's not even a hott, slutty dressing cosplayer.


  • temp name

    Also, if you think that is dressing slutty you should try going outside.

  • zin

    There has never been a videogame fashion idea that I could get behind. Until now.

    First in line to buy a whole cel-shaded wardrobe & maybe even get a full-body cel-shading tattoo!

  • Fredrik Pettersen

    A fabric paint tutorial with these bad boys as an example would have been nice.

  • would be great if you could get them on by mouseclicking

  • zin

    Greater if you can get/tear them off by clicking.
    I want to see fully cel-shaded Lilith outfits. NOW.

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