Heck Yeah: Badass Demon, Dragon And Owl Skull Masks

August 1, 2014


These are the demon, dragon and owl skull masks hand sculpted, cast and painted by Catherine Gretschel of Etsy shop aishavoya (who also created those little dragon hair clips). Prices range from $140 - $180 depending on the design and are one-size fits all except ogres. I'm going to get one to wear to the next masquerade party I'm invited to. Which, for the record, will also be the first masquerade party I've ever been invited to. Plus it'll make the perfect accessory to wear if I ever delve deeper into black magic and need to start performing f***ed up rituals involving blood and chicken bones. When reached for comment, the Etsy shop owner informed me that weird pull-your-heart-out-of-your-chest dude from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was their biggest customer. You know, so it's also cool to know you're shopping at the same store as such a big movie star. "His name was Mola Ram, and he died after falling off the bridge and getting eaten by crocodiles." Pfft, the man can pull a beating heart out of a man's chest, you think a bunch of sissy-ass crocs are gonna kill him? I bet he wears a crocodile cape now.

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Thanks to Catherine, the woman behind the masks, who didn't really tell me that thing about Mola Ram. I made it up, okay?!

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