Guy Imitates Friend's Cell Phone Notification Sounds, He Falls For It, Gets Pissed

August 20, 2014

PROTIP: Unmute the volume in the lower right corner for the full effect. Or don't for zero effect.

This is a Vine video of some guy imitating his video game playing friend's cell phone notification sounds (including just vibrate!) to get him to check his phone. He does good enough to get him to look several times. Eventually, his buddy catches on and dude stops recording before the inevitable ass-kicking. Or maybe he just got yelled at. Me? I would have thrown something. Probably that video game controller. I have anger management issues. Or at least I think that's what my therapist said. Sometimes it's hard to hear him over the sound of me yelling and tearing the books off his shelves.

Thanks to zig, who agrees you can't really get mad at the friend who's willing to sit on the floor and watch you play video games all day.

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