Great, I'll Be Hungry All Night: Giant French Fries Bed

August 29, 2014


This is the Supersize Bed designed and built by Cecilia Carey and Harry Parr. It looks suspiciously like a giant pack of McDonald's fries. All the fries are actually removable pillows though, so you and a sleepover friend can use them to try to beat each other off the bed like American Gladiators. *thwack!* F*** YEAH, I'M GOING TO THE ELIMINATOR! When reached for comment about the bed, the McDonald's Fry Kids could not be found, because the bed IS McDonalds Fry Kids. DUM DUM DUM!

Keep going for a closeup of the fry pillows.


Thanks to TBTMH, who agrees the sheets should look greasy for the full effect.

  • zin

    Ah, the sound of millions of fatsos having foodgasms at the sight of this...

  • Thats typical of GW: only pop avantgarde, no ice bucket challenges

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  • Cheers, spam-o Troll! You sound more mature lately.

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