Good To Know: Scented Duck Brand Duct Tape Exists

August 19, 2014


Because what good is duct tape if it can't mask the smell of the weed you're sending an out-of-state friend, Duck brand is now selling scented duct tape. Although, honestly, they may have already been selling it for awhile, I'm not even going to pretend I'm on the cutting edge of new tape products. The tape comes in such olfactory tickling aromas as grape, lemon, bubble gum, cupcake, mint and orange creme. Now when your roommate passes out you can draw penises on his face with scented markers AND tape him to the couch with scented tape! DOUBLE WHAMMY. He is going to smell so good. At least until he pisses or shits himself, then he's gonna smell like trying to find a cheap couch on Craigslist tomorrow.

Thanks to Ashtron5000 and her Lil'Brudder, who agree it's probably for the best Duck opted against gasoline and anthrax scents.

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