Drunk Superhero Anti-Drunk Driving Volkswagen Ads

August 12, 2014


This is a small series (there's three) of Volkswagen ads designed by Costa Rican art director Fabio Obando featuring drunk superheroes who have gotten into car accidents. The tagline reads 'Don't let your ego drive you. If you drink don't drive.' It's a valid message. Although why the hell Superman was driving in the first place is beyond me. You ever gotten so drunk before you forgot you could fly? That is TRASHED. I bet his blood alcohol content is 200%. Don't drink and drive, folks.

Keep going for Superman and The Hulk.



Thanks to lebeeps, who agrees another valid option is trying to find a safe place to hide and sleep. PROTIP: Always look to see if the bar has an attic.

  • craig37f .

    Worst three heroes to do this for. All three will be more than fine when they wake from their drunken stupor. Tony Stark would have been better. Ironman is invincible*, Tony Stark isn't.

  • GangstaElsa

    Great thread, God, I love geeks!

  • TastyWheat

    I was hoping the tagline would be "They can walk away, you can't."

  • Patrick Leopold Charles Monett

    Thank God the cops showed up and got the Caution tape out but forgot to provide any medical assistance and is writing a report.... (Doesn't the Hulk revert back to Dr. Banner when he's unconscious?)

  • I enjoy the idea behind this! No one is immune to drunk driving. Good job volkswagen dealers and marketing groups!

  • darabe

    Wolverine cant STAY drunk on account of his healing factor so I would imagine hulk can't either. also how much alcohol would hulk need to drink to get drunk? and why would he need to drive? i'm assuming hulk is an angry drunk so that means he gets stronger i bet he could easily make it home in one jump depending on how mad he is.

  • stuffsticks

    So they chose 3 heros that at some point or other in comics has confirmed that they cannot get drunk. Wolverine is permanently trying but his healing factor prevents it. Supes just simply cannot be poisoned by alcohol and hulk would have to drink like a water tanker of vodka before getting pissed with his metabolism.

    All round a big resounding fail


    That's just a regular ol' night on the town for Wolvie.

  • Pat Patrix

    I don't think those superheroes can even get drunk, they all have crazy healing factors. These ads aren't realistic enough.

  • zin

    Kryptonite Vodka for you-know-who, Gamma-Gin for you-know-what, & ...magnetic brandy for wolverine?

  • Leighton

    Doesn't say much for the safety of VWs...

  • Bling Nye

    This made me LOL.

    "Oh hey, look, a vehicle so unsafe even a superhero would die in it if it were crashed."

  • Gracie

    They probably couldn't shell out the 5 billion dollars for ultra proprietary VW safety parts that only five people know how to install correctly. :\ Same goes for Volvos.

  • Joe Soap

    Reminds me of this....


  • TyDurd

    It's a little puzzling that all of the hero vehicles are on the "correct" side of the road (for the region). Almost looks like the second party were the drunks.

  • dougfunnay

    good eye
    maybe its less about thinking youre invincible and more about accidentally killing a good person
    (kinda doubt it though)

  • Bling Nye

    ...this seems like it would've been a better idea to use superheroes that could actually be, y'know, killed by a car crash. Superman? Nope, he'd wreck that car and not have a hair out of place. Wolverine? Nope, super healing and he's just fine. Hulk? Nooope.

    Good message, poor execution.

  • TyDurd

    Gotta agree w/ you. The first thing I thought with all the pics was "ahh, they're fine. They're just sleeping it off". I can picture a line of zzzzzz's on all of them.

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    They are fine. The people on the car they crashed is another story...

  • Gracie

    It's not even just that. From what I remember, none of those super heroes can GET drunk. Their metabolisms, powers, and healing factors make it nearly impossible...so....it's totally the other people's fault. Thanks, Humans. See if these guys help you out after you wrecked the car they were borrowing.

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