Developing A Foot Fetish: Triceratops High Top Sneakers

August 13, 2014


These are the Tricera Hi-Tops from Archaix Laboratories. They're currently only a Kickstarter project but with enough stolen credit card numbers I plan to make them a reality. $88 gets a pair of any children's size, and $99 any adult size up to a men's 13. Plus they're Velcro closure -- no more dealing with annoying laces! "Spoken like a man who never learned to tie his shoes." Whatever, I can tie shoes. See? "Those are knots." I prefer to think I just tied them so good I have to sleep in them.

Keep going for their Kickstarter video.

Thanks to zelover, who is holding out for pterodactyl high tops with wings. CAW, CAW!

  • zin

    That sure is some ninja-turtle-green tritops. First reaction: WHY
    But those eyes... They beckon to me, seducing my will to its desire.

  • I don't want to kick a dinosaur in the head when I walk...but I need them.

  • Andrew Newton

    Would buy if they were Liz from The Magic School Bus

  • post this on facebook and say they killed a triceratops for this

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