Damn: Milky Way Galaxy Over Yellowstone National Park

August 28, 2014


Note: Worthwhile larger version HERE. Full-res version available from NASA here (click the photo).

This is a composite of 16 separate photos taken and stitched together by astronomer Dave Lane to create a panorama of the Milky Way Galaxy's central band above Silex Spring in Yellowstone National Park. Damn, that is a whole lot of beauty in one photo. Like if you stitched together every Playboy centerfold, then if you looked at them from far away they all formed ANOTHER naked lady. Yeah, just like that. A nipple for every star.

Thanks to Pavel, who likes to stargaze at night and ponder the meaning of life. Me? I like to get just drunk enough to pass out and not wake up at all in the middle of the night.

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