Creeper: All 13 Doctor Who Faces Combined Into One

August 12, 2014


This is the 'average' face of Doctor Who (which looks suspiciously like a police portrait of a 40-year old Michael Cera), created by Youtuber Dave Clipson by combining the faces of all thirteen Doctors. Dave actually made a whole 5-minute video showing various combinations of Doctor Who faces, if you're into that. After seeing this one, I realized I am not into that. It's important to know your boundaries.

Keep going for the video in case you've ever been kept up at night thinking about mash-up Doctor Who faces (I'd suggest buying some sleeping pills).

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  • Andy Green

    I uploaded this to Celebrity Look A Like Generator[sic] and it found these matches:
    90% match : Martin Sheen
    89% match : James Cameron
    85% match : Boris Yeltsin
    82% match : OJ Simpson
    82% match : Kevin Spacey
    81% match : Nick Nolte
    81% match : Felicty Huffman
    81% match : Warren Beaty
    79% match : Kirk Douglas
    79% match : Alex Ferguson

  • Altior

    Thanks to

  • Bling Nye

    Looks like an aged Michael Cera.

  • Syd

    I dig that this seems like some Doctor Who villian experiment.

    Also he's "The Doctor" not "Doctor Who"

  • MustacheHam

    Morty Smith as an adult. :B

  • Looks like Sean Bean...

  • frag

    why does he look like ben bailey with a half-assed afro

  • sizzlepants

    Holy crap it's Perry Farrell!

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