Couple Paint Son's Room To Look Like Minecraft Dungeon

August 27, 2014


This is Geekologie Reader Daniel's son's room. Daniel and his fiance painted the whole thing with a Minecraft dungeon motif. It looks nice and cozy. My bedroom? Like a prison cell, with less amenities. You know when the last time I had the luxury of sleeping with a blanket was? The last time I spent the night in jail. And the last time I was able to wash my face in the morning? The last time I passed out in a neighbor's yard and the sprinklers woke me up. "You need help." I need PROFESSIONAL help. But you know what? "There isn't anyone professional enough TO help you." EXACTLY. Please -- if you love me, just let me go.

Keep going for a bunch more shots with varying levels of lighting.













Thanks Daniel, and keep up the solid parenting.

  • Jeffery Dodds

    Diamonds in the walls, pfft! I'd mine those bastards out immediately.

  • Mister Cerberus

    Never sleep again.


  • zin

    They must really hate him to have a whole wall of creeper face. Interviewing the kid: "Every fucking night my asshole parents sneak up to me while I'm sleeping & start hissing!"

    Also, Minecraft & CoD, way to train your kids to support the lying, greedy developers & corporations that are destroying videogames.


    are you just mad cuz your parents made you live in a real dungeon?

  • zin

    I thought about this very much &, metaphorically speaking, YES I AM. But that's not why I'm hatin' on these games.

  • H. Bronys dont interact

    The diamonds are upside down.

  • zin

    Can you blame people for stereotyping minecrafters as autists?

  • zooter

    nice work

  • MustacheHam

    I do wonder if the "Nether Portal" is a sliding door. Overall really nice work on the room. :D

  • zin

    Looks like a screen door to me. Why do you even wonder though? (I've never created a nether-portal)

  • Michael Wade Wright

    I'm hoping the ceiling light looks like glowstone, or perhaps a redstone lantern, but I'm betting it doesn't.

  • Andrew Newton

    This is awesome, great detail and a lot of effort put into making it look cool.

    If I had this when I was a kid I would be simultaneously excited and scared to ever sleep in my room again all at the same time.

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