Business Allows You To Try On The Outfit, Makeup You Want To Wear In Your Coffin

August 25, 2014


Be honest, how do I look? "Dead."

Because you only get one chance to make a last impression, a company in Japan allows people who are still alive to try on the outfit and makeup they want to be wear during their open-casket funeral (plus choose a custom coffin). Me? I don't want an open casket funeral. I want that casket nailed and chained shut so I can't rise from the dead before I'm in the ground. Oh -- and six feet under isn't nearly deep enough for me. I should be buried at LEAST 24-feet under to prevent an escape (and preferably beneath concrete). Plus my head should be buried separately from my body (or thrown into a volcano).

Thanks to xer, who wants to be buried in a vat of shrimp cocktail. I've thought about that too!

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