Brutal: Chinese Chef Dies From Severed Cobra Head Bite

August 25, 2014


A Chinese chef was killed after a cobra bit his hand some twenty minutes after severing its head. The chef was preparing snake soup (a delicacy) and was bitten when he went to throw the snake's head away in the trash. Me? I would demanded a lowly busboy do it.

'By the time a snake has lost its head, it's effectively dead as basic body functions have ceased, but there is still some reflexive action.'

'It means snakes have the capability of biting and injecting venom even after the head has been severed.'

Residents of the Guangdong province have a long history of enjoying snake meats of all sorts in local culinary dishes.

One local said: 'Snake meat is really good for us. It is not so easy to get and is expensive but it has spectacular health benefits.'

Never trust a dead snake -- that's the lesson here. Or sharks. I don't even trust the ones in formaldehyde at the museum. What? You don't know how long they can hold their breath. They could just be waiting for the right time to strike. Same goes for those resin paperweights with the spiders and scorpions inside.

Thanks to Jessie, who generally shies away from eating penis-shaped animals. Same, but I will get down on some mushrooms all day every day.

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