Blackmail Material: Dad Secretly Films Daughter Going On Ridiculous Selfie Extravaganza In Back Of Car

August 26, 2014


Note: Portrait mode video but I'll let it slide this time for the sake of not blowing dude's cover.

This is a video of father Rod Beckham candidly filming his teenage daughter in the middle of a full-blown selfie extravaganza in the back of the car. Wait -- is she even wearing a seatbelt? Kids these days, I swear. You know when the last time I took a selfie was? Never -- I've never taken a selfie. And if you ever see a picture of me that looks like a selfie, it's not, somebody else took it. Probably without my permission. You seen that slightly NSFW picture of the chick taking a vagina selfie on the beach? This craze has gone too far. If you don't have a friend to take your picture, you shouldn't be taking it. It's called narcissism, and you need to get over it. You know what happened in the ancient Greek story of Narcissus? "He spotted his reflection in a pond and became so obsessed with his own beauty he stayed there till he died." MASTURBATING. He died masturbating to himself. That how you wanna go?

Keep going for the video, but it's painful.

Thanks to BBQ, who informed me the key to taking a good selfie is holding the camera slightly above your face and shooting downward. The more you know.

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