Antique Chair Upcycled With Adventure Time Theme

August 4, 2014


This is the antique chair that Redditor reallylovely bought for $20 from an antique store, then vastly improved with an Adventure Time theme. I bet that that shit feels good on your buttcheeks. Icy Hot too. Just kidding, Icy Hot kind of hurts. Especially if it seeps into your anus. I mean, at least that's what a friend told me. "I thought you didn't have any friends." I'm my own best friend. "So it was you." Don't act so surprised. I've probably experimented with putting Icy Hot on every body part. Plus one time I put muscle-relaxing gel on my balls. "And?" That was 2011 and I still can't feel them.

Thanks to lilco, who agrees that, as far as good times go, adventure time is second only to afternoon nap time.

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