Another Day, Another Custom Star Wars Home Theater

August 26, 2014


Screen looks small.

This is the Star Wars themed home theater built for an undisclosed couple (smart) by Seattle based custom theater designer DillonWorks. It looks legit. The perfect place to watch my favorite movie of the franchise, Star Wars Into Darkness. "GW? Please go jump out a window." Believe me, if my office wasn't on the ground floor I would. The landscapers just get pissed at me for trampling flowers and mixing broken glass in with their mulch.

UPDATE: Looks like these are just nicer pics from the same home theater posted back in 2007.

Keep going for several more shots including the gangplank walkway leading into the theater.




Thanks to Matt E, who's happy with a 32" flatscreen and a couple Star Wars action figures. Oh wait, that's me, and I'm not actually happy with it.

  • is this a private theater or its open to the public !!! the screen looks small though

  • Wilfredo Hernandez

    Wow, I am a huge Star Wars fan and this is the best home theater design I have seen! I love that it looks like the inside of the Death Star. Also, the life size C-3P0 and Han Solo in carbonite are great.

  • Zachary Zarko

    I'm sure that I or one of my drunken friends would step off the edge of that gangplank and become hopelessly wedged there forever - or until we posted multiple hilarious videos online before contacting the local fire department.

  • Holy shit. What a difference a good camera/photographer makes. The same exact room in 2007 looked kinda shitty but this looks awesome.

  • "star wars- into darkness" LOL

  • steve holt

    pretty awesome

  • Julia Brown



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  • Sounds cool, can we have more details please ?

  • CJV

    Please end your life

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