An Even Badder-Ass Leather Dragon Backpack

August 4, 2014


Remember Ukrainian leather-worker Bob Basset's badass leather dragon backpack from 2007? That was many moons ago. I can't believe I'm still alive. I also can't believe I remember writing a post from 2007. Maybe my brain isn't as dead as my doctor thinks. So it turns out Bob made this new and improved version of the leather backpack in 2009. That's my bad, apparently I forgot to set up a Google alert for leather dragon backpacks. Regardless, I like how the guy modeling the dragon looks like a real-life Gelfling from The Dark Crystal. That was a nice touch. The way my roommate touched my face last night? That was not a nice touch. It was a punch. Now I have him tied to the toilet in the bathroom. I'm not sure what I'm going to do when I have to go to the bathroom, but you can rest assured he's not going to like it.

Keep going for a bunch more shots from all angles.










Thanks to CriminalReborn, who may or may not already have a dragon backpack full of stolen goods.

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