Adventure Time Creator Confirms Princess Bubblegum And Marceline Used To Date

August 19, 2014


In news that's sure to send some folks' erotic cartoon fantasies soaring to all new heights, Marceline voice actor Olivia Olson confirmed to a crowd at a book signing that her character and Princess Bubblegum used to be romantic. Hubba hubba! AhOoooGa! Boi-yoi-yoing! Are we good here? Cool.

Voice actor Olivia Olson, who plays Marceline, revealed at a recent book-signing for The Adventure Time Encyclopedia, that yes indeed-y, Marceline and Princess Bubblegum had a brief stint as a couple and this comes straight from creator Pendleton Ward himself. So it's basically canon, if you care about that sort of thing.

At the signing, Olson said she was talking with Ward, figuring out characater motivation and other kind of actor-y things, regarding a scene between her and Princess Bubblegum. When he said to her, "You know they dated, right?"

So there you have it. No wonder Princess Bubblegum isn't that into Finn. She's been with Marceline. After you've been with a vampire queen, it's hard to get with a kid who wears a bear hat and sleeps in a treehouse with his dog. Hell, even I wouldn't do it and I'd kill to live in a treehouse.

Thanks to steph, who wants the dirt on who Lumpy Space Princess used to date.

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