A US Map Of The Relative Value Of $100, By State

August 19, 2014


This is a US map showing the relative value of $100 by state. Money buys significantly less in California, Hawaii, DC, Maryland, New York and New Jersey. Money goes the furthest in Mississippi, which, coincidentally, is also the fattest state. Apparently because you can always afford to buy an extra cheeseburger.

Thanks to Lindby, who agrees the states where money goes the furthest also seem to be the states with less fun things to spend money on. After all, a person can only sit at home drinking and gambling online for so long.

  • One CRUCIAL factor is not included in this $100 comparison by state -- personal income tax. BLS and the Tax Foundation have no way to calculate that in the formula, because the tax differs dramatically depending on what level of income you have.

    For instance, while 7 states have zero income tax, uber-progressive (well progressive EXCEPT about Uber) California has a personal income tax that's, well, uber progressive -- varying from NEGATIVE (cash credits) to 13.3% -- by FAR the highest in the nation -- impossible to calculate in the formula.

    Also ignored as impossible to calculate are fees, fines, and other state and local "non-purchase" levies by government. Fee-crazy California again "excels" in this area.

    Hence the hypothetical $100 is AFTER-tax dollars. Other taxes included in a purchase (sales, excise, etc) ARE included in the comparison, but income tax is not. The REAL total difference between the states is often significantly higher as a result, but not included in this study.

  • Jonique Dietzen

    Whoever put this together hasn't been to ND in the past 5 years. The inflation is crazy there and $100 gets you closer to $80 with of goods & housing.

  • dougfunnay

    it also matches up fairly well with which states receive more in federal aid than they pay in taxes

  • RDarker

    True. Top 10 states: NM, MS, AK, LA, WV, ND, AL, SD, VA, KY. (Source: Tax Foundation)

  • Guest

    I think its hilarious when reputable companies use the phrase "bang for your buck", considering its origin.Yes, hookers.

  • Archer

    It's origin is from the 1950's and comes from spending more on atomic bombs and less on service men. Hence more bang. Learn your etymology, idiot.

  • Guest

    So a person posts something that is a common misconception based on a lifetime of reinforcement. So some anonymous asshole sees it, uses Wikipedia and rather than just point out the correction has to be a fucking idiot, idiot.

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