You're A Rainbow!: Macro Shot Of A Hummingbird's Face

July 18, 2014


Note: Larger version HERE in case you ever wondered if a hummingbird's stare can steal your soul (it can).

This is the macro shot of a Green-Crowned Brilliant Hummingbird's face taken by photographer Chris Morgan while on vacation at the Bosque De Paz biological reserve in Costa Rica. You know, Mother Nature -- sometimes you are alright. I mean it's RARE, but when you do, it almost seems to make up for all the other horrible, horrible shit you do. I'll tell you what -- let's call a truce this weekend. You promise I won't find any spiders in my bedroom, and I won't do anything bad for the environment. "Wait -- are you burning car tires?" Haha, I had my fingers crossed you filthy forest nymph!

Thanks to Carlo, who informed me hummingbirds are his fourth favorite kind of bird behind owls, eagles and falcons. Good information to know.

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