WTF Was That?!: Kid Rollerskate Limbos Under 39 Cars

July 29, 2014


This is a video of 6-year old Gagan Satish from Bagalore, India, rollerskating under 39 consecutive cars. That is a new record (previously: a video of the old champion from 2008). The clearance under the cars is only 20cm (7.9-inches). For reference, I always knock the pole down during rollerskate limbo on the first pass. Plus refuse to leave the rink during couple's skate even though I don't have a partner.

Keep going for the video, but prepare to scratch your eyeballs in disbelief.

Thanks to chichi, who agrees the best thing about the skating rink is the snack bar.

  • Hermes Conrad

    Sweet gorilla of Manilla!

  • zin

    If I was that kid at 2:34, I'd have chopped limbo-skaters head off at the moment he popped out from under the cars, just for kicks.
    Then I would put my pyramid head on.

    I'd also like to jump on a limbo-skater & see his resulting face.

  • DeathBotGamma

    When there's 1.27 billion people in your area you need a skill.

  • HackTheGibson

    Two things.
    1. I thought limbo had to bend backwards. That is cheating.
    2. There is a "limbo skating world"? There is limbo skating coaches? Wow.

  • Jenness

    I too thought "Reallllyyy?" at the notion of a limbo-skating world - which seems rather grandiose considered there are only about 3 known competitors and they are all in grade school. I bet the reporter was one of their dads.

  • zin

    I now have a new fetish.

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    I can skate like that. Or at least that's the position I end up in whenever I attempt to skate.

  • Michael Knight

    is that good for your ankles???

  • captain kringle

    that is AMAZING for your ankles

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