Well Designed Superhero 'Serum' Cologne Bottles

July 9, 2014


This is a series of conceptual superhero 'serum' cologne bottles rendered by Charlotte, North Carolina based digital design firm Animink. Which one would you wear? I would wear Hulk's Rage, because that's what I like to do. I am a RAGER. You know the guy screaming at the counter at Subway? That's me. I'm kidding, I do not eat fresh. Nine-tenths of my meals come from microwavable boxes in the freezer. My doctor says I should have been dead years ago, yet here I am. It's like he's never had an immortal wizard for a patient before. "Well if you're so immortal, why do you even go to the doctor?" Boner pills. I'm like 600 years old, bro, even spells only go so far. Speaking of -- have I ever told you about the time I accidentally turned my penis into a frog? No witch wanted to touch it -- I didn't have sex for like, 200 years.

Keep going for seven more.








Thanks Animink, if I ever need any digital design work done I'll keep you in mind. Oooooor do it myself with magic.

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