We Should Jam: Guy Performs 100 Iconic Bass Lines

July 14, 2014


This is a video of Youtuber Davie504 performing the iconic bass lines of 100 different songs. There were some I felt shouldn't have made the list, and others that were absent that I feel should have been included, but whatever -- everybody has different musical taste. Something that sounds good to one person might sound awful to another. Case in point: babies crying. To me it's the worst sound in the world but people still keep having them anyways.

Keep going for the video, then meet me in my garage after work for a jam sesh.

Thanks to Ricky, who swore to me that he has personal proof that, despite what you may have heard, the bass players in bands do get laid. Just not as often as everybody else. Unless there's a keyboardist.

  • durjurb

    lol this is the most pretentious comment section I've seen in a while

  • FeistyCadaver

    Came for Peace Sells, Earache My Eye, In the Meantime, My Name Is Mud, Lowdown, Have You Ever Seen the Rain?, and the middle part of Orion. Leaving mostly dissatisfied.

  • Josiah Trotter

    Only 1 Rush song, 1 Primus song, and both not being the basslines you think of those artists....

    Where is the Seinfeld theme?? He'd do Ghostbusters, but no Seinfeld???

  • ManMan

    This is what a week of practice on bass gets you. Well, I mean, he was probably born with the smug face.

  • Ed Hopkins

    U Can't Touch This, Ice Ice Baby, Ghostbusters? You misspelled Super Freak, Under Pressure, and I Want A New Drug.

  • sandiegobuilt

    no John Paul Jones... blasphemous

  • cabbo

    Pays respect to some of the champions of bass. Maybe could've done with less flea and more Miller and Graham but whatever.

  • Wtb tabs pls.

  • No Primus?

  • Palpable Ovaltine


  • cabbo

    I've never worn panties, but if called upon, panties I will wear.

  • Boltizar

    Came for Silly Love Songs and My Generation, left disappointed that they weren't in there. Amazing video though, talented guy right there.

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