Video Of World's Tallest Water Slide's First Human Riders

July 7, 2014


Remember last week's point-of-view video of the world's tallest water slide? Well it just had its first human riders, and this is the video of them shitting their pants on the way down. Looks intense. Still, a water slide you ride in a raft is no real water slide in my opinion. You might as well call log flumes water slides. Screw this, if anybody needs me I'll be bobbing around in the wave pool like a turd. "Closed for diarrhea." Lazy river it is then.

Keep going for the video, as well as another one of early tests that show a raft catching air and leaving the ride.

Thanks to lilco, who agrees the best waterslide has and always will be a homemade Crocodile Mile.

  • RiotDemon

    Safety net. I'm in.

  • zin

    GW... that's you isn't it? This is why you've been gone for 2 days?

  • GWs real name is all over the web, but i wont tell.

  • this one is without raft and has free fall
    btw, GW can you imagine how much water would be spilled into your arse riding the verrueckt slide without a raft?!

  • Tits at 1:48.

  • Adam

    I don't know if 'spilled' is the word I'd use for that... Probably more like 'forcefully injected'. :-/

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