Trick Your Eyes Into Briefly Tripping With This Video

July 11, 2014


Note: Probably shouldn't watch if you're epileptic.

This is is a video that, if you watch and follow the instructions (full screen and HD recommended), will make your vision all wavy for a few seconds after you look away at the end. Did anybody else notice the letters they flash read, "We dont live in a world of reality but in a world of perceptions?" That's deep. Way too deep for me. I don't even like wading in the ocean past my belly button. Also, I swear the second time I watched the video it told me stab my neighbor. So if the Lebanese guy in my apartment building with the blue van has to go to the hospital later, you know why.

Keep going to get your wah-wah vision on.

Thanks to Thomas W, who agrees acid is way more effective.

  • shashi

    Youtube banhammer strikes again. Heres the original video from scienceforum

  • Elijah

    it was cool

  • zin


    Just zoom in to full screen & stare at the center for like 20 seconds. You can save this on mobile phones for mobile phuns!

  • Johnny Bravo

    This video is epic alone. But watch the video while listening to separate ways by journey.

  • Riz

    Fun fun

  • Damon Sherman

    actually, that just hurt. I had to look away after a bit.

  • Octo

    Quite old but it's actually quite similar to the visual distortions you get on shrooms and other hallucinogens. Of course you don't get the same impressions on a clear head, but still, fun stuff.

  • zin

    Shrooms just made me feel slightly tipsy as though I've had a stiff drink,& yes, caused a bit of these visions. Poor experience to be certain. Where'd Harold & Kumar come up with unicorns & shit?

    DXM, DPH/DHM & Ketamine are where the real hallucinations are at.
    One time I saw glittering gold on a wall only to fly up close to it in a nano-sized X-wing & discover that the glitters are golden electronic circuitry flashing with pulses weaving reality.
    The other time I kept seeing my friend step out of the bathroom only for him to disintegrate before my eyes some 10 times before he really came out (I confirmed by patting his cheeks).

  • Johnny Bigrig

    I agree, I've indulged in shrooms a few times, and it's pretty similar vision wise.. but with the the feeling your eyes just exercised for 3 mins.

  • Ryan

    That was weird

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