Trick Your Eyes Into Briefly Tripping With This Video

July 11, 2014


Note: Probably shouldn't watch if you're epileptic.

This is is a video that, if you watch and follow the instructions (full screen and HD recommended), will make your vision all wavy for a few seconds after you look away at the end. Did anybody else notice the letters they flash read, "We dont live in a world of reality but in a world of perceptions?" That's deep. Way too deep for me. I don't even like wading in the ocean past my belly button. Also, I swear the second time I watched the video it told me stab my neighbor. So if the Lebanese guy in my apartment building with the blue van has to go to the hospital later, you know why.

Keep going to get your wah-wah vision on.

Thanks to Thomas W, who agrees acid is way more effective.

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